Friday, September 23, 2011


O Lord, what have I accomplished?
Such a fate unleashed!
Lying ALONE by the river,
Observing the misendeavours,
Makes me rethink,
Of the whole deal in ink;
Breaking the terms of that deal,
Blemishes on the soul repealed!
Going back to my resolve,
Shall I be absolved?


Abhishek said...

Beautiful composition , I never knew you as poet , keep it up

SanD said...

thanks abhishek..

ashish goel said...

wo wo! A post after 3 years! good dube dude & well written! By the way going by your archives, September seems to work for u ;)

SanD said...

Thanks ashish..
Well this "September" creativity seems to be working quite productively..

Amjad Raza said...

this is very good